lunes, 21 de julio de 2014

The Population Ecology Group ON AIR !

Balears Fa Ciencia On Air Monolgue Seabirdstagram18th-19th of August at "Informatiu Vespre" y "Balears Fa Ciencia" with E. Culat- IB3Radio:

  • 20h00 José-Manuel Igual: Seabirdstagram and the monitoring of seabird populations (min35)
  • 11h00 Alejandro Martinez-Abrain: Evolution Underwater (form min42)
  • 12h00 Ana Bonilla and Giacomo Tavecchia: Introducing Seabirdstagram (min8)
  • 13h00 Samuel Pinya : the Ferret in Mallorca (min3)
  • 13h45 A new monologue by Ana Payo (min48)