jueves, 30 de octubre de 2014

Caught on camera in Portugal!

Pedro Moreira and António Martins sent us this picture taken in Portugal.
The bird has been ringed by us in Mallorca in 2010 as a breeder, but apparently she prefers the Portuguese shores. Thank you very much Pedro and António. Nice pic!

If you have more of gulls ringed with an orange PVC ring and black alphanumeric code, send it to us (or if you have it, use the app seabirdstagram)

miércoles, 22 de octubre de 2014

Nearly done

Lizard October campaign is coming to an end with only two more days to go. Thank to Pelopantón we have a pic of our biological station (above). Yep! It's a tough job in an hostile environment .. but hey, someone has to do it !

domingo, 12 de octubre de 2014

Fledgling !!

It is time for young Scopoli´s shearwater to leave their nests. 

They will go to the open ocean, for the first time, and possibly they will be back to breed in 4 to 7 years. 

Have a nice journey !!!!