viernes, 15 de enero de 2016

The workshop on Applied Hierarchical models in Ecology ended

Theoretical aspects of site-occupancy ...
G.E.P. hosted the workshop on Modelling the distribution of species and communities accounting for detection using R and BUGS/JAGS by G. Guillera-Arroita, J.J. Lahoz-Monfort and M. Kéry.
.. and practical aspects of site-occupancy
Gurutzeta, José and Marc introduced the most useful models to estimate site-occupancy and they illustrated how to implement them using a frequentist ('unmarked') as well as a bayesian analytical framework ('JAGS', 'WinBugs').

It has been a wonderful occasion to learn about bayesian statistic, new developments and cutting-edge site-occupancy models. We had many inspiring talks on bayesian concepts, applcations and, above all, many priceless advices on how to analyse different types of data. Obviously, it has also been a good excuse to meet friends.

ps: find the supporting book by M. Kéry and A. Royle and some working examples here.

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