viernes, 6 de mayo de 2016

The YLG 2016 campaign ended !

Photo: J. Bos
The 2016 Yellow-legged gull campaign at Dragonera Natural Park ended after a survey, egg measuring, birds' trapping and marking.
Photo G. Tavecchia:  A gull equipped with a GSM/GPS device
Thanks to T. Muñoz, of the G.O.B., who helped us to equip four birds with a GSM/GPS device to investigate their feeding strategy.

Photo J. Bos.
Photo J. Bos: A gull defending its nest


Gulls use to attack intruders, especially near the hatching period. It is a good occasion to make some pictures and read the ring. 

Can you read the ring code?

Photo J. Bos: Gulls behind a trawler

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