miércoles, 14 de junio de 2017

The mistery of the route to the Cantabric Sea solved!

Tracking data offered a first breakthrough to solve the mystery of the route to the Cantabric Sea.   
Yellow-legged gulls from the Balearic islands have been regularly seen in the Cantabric coast, but the route to Northern Spain was a mystery. Do they fly around the Iberian peninsula or throught the Ebro valley ? Do they use the Ebro river as a landmark? Do they reach the Cantabric sea from France? 
Last year preliminary data provided a first piece of the puzzle when a gull moved North following the Ebro river to Zaragoza. However the radio failed at the end of the summer and the route to the Cantabric sea along the Ebro river was not proved. This summer tracking data deliver the solution to the mystery, showing what is likely to be the main route to the Cantabric Sea: the Ebro valley. Interestingly, the route seems to pass north of the river and through the Basque Mountains at Estella. To be continued....

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